engineer intelligence
across your organization

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See how Collaboration.Ai is
transforming organizations

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How it Works:
Solutions Focused

  • Teams become high performing
  • Information is interconnected
  • Waste is minimized, productivity maximized
  • The Individual is celebrated, engaged and challenged
  • Collisions creating innovation skyrocket
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PS Engine:
Individual Engagement

You specify the team members, objectives and key metrics,
we data mine across each individual’s broad realm of experiences
to identify necessary data inputs

  • Strategy
  • Hobbies
  • Products & Services
  • Quarterly Targets
  • Project Teams
  • LEAN / 6 Sigma
  • Education
  • Purpose, Hopes & Dreams
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PS Engine:
Patented Software

Each individual’s data is quantified
using the latest developments in machine learning,
network theory and Artificial Intelligence

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PS Engine:
Intelligent Connections

You have the unique opportunity to ‘learn’ about individuals
and intelligently connect the right people,
in the right place, at the right time

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Successful Outputs:

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Real Time Network Mapping

Our patent-pending tool creates instantaneous maps of connections and networks,
highlighting individual’s Personal-Power Score™ and encouraging new,
data-proven introductions right from the start

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Increasing Productivity

“Peers and camaraderie are the #1 reason
employees go the extra mile – not money”

Creating High Performance Teams enhances and streamlines, everyday work environments
by breaking down silos and increasing employee engagement,
ultimately creating better output and stronger networks

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Collaborative Connections

You are now scientifically empowered to:

  • Pinpoint how teams are spending time
    Bogged down in email versus meetings versus customer interactions
  • Identify interpersonal and team disconnects
    Strategically intervene, reducing redundancies, silos, etc
  • Refocus on the individual
    Empirically engage based on key drivers
  • Develop a purpose driven workplace
    By expanding each individual's strategic network
  • Change the dynamics of meetings
    Using live AI and network technology to immediately engage
    and validate the benefits of participation