transform networking serendipity
into business opportunity

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Engineer value​

See how the World Bank Group is transforming
development finance with Collaboration.Ai

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How it Works:
Solutions Focused

  • Engagement and participation is elevated
  • Networking connections are maximized
  • Business opportunities among speakers, panelists,
    sponsors and attendees are significantly increased
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PS Engine:
Collaborative Connections

Our patent-pending AI helps you create customized breakouts,
seating arrangements, project teams, meal assignments,
cohorts and networked gatherings

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Examine the Individual

Investigate the shortest distance
between each person evaluating:

  • Existing relationships
  • External relationships
  • Background
  • Skills
  • Personal attributes
  • Public databases
  • Social media
  • Registration data
  • Employee data
  • Hobbies
  • Future interests
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Analyze the Individual

  • Determine her strongest connections
  • Highlight her community
  • Personalize her networking journey
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Successful Outputs:
Create Genuine Connections

  • Recommend key participant connections
  • Provide opportunities for authentic interaction
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Successful Outputs:
Empower for the Long-Term

  • Increase engagement
  • Improve event output
  • Strengthen participant's personal networks
    and community clusters
  • “Meeting people I actually like and genuinely connected with, eliminated all small talk and totally made my conference experience.”
  • “The new information that I learned, instantly transformed my current project.”
  • “The people I met have changed my career outlook and I've never been happier.”
  • “I have already identified opportunities for reconnecting, I'm excited to continue building our idea!”
  • “This has been the most valuable conference I have attended.”