shape the minds of the future by adding intelligence
to the way students work and collaborate together

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See how Collaboration.Ai is transforming education
with the University of Minnesota

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How it Works:
Solutions Focused

For Educational Institutions

We offer Collaboration.Ai 365*. An integrated team building
and networking program helping to create:

  • Highly engaged student bodies
  • Increased matriculation and graduation rates
  • Improved staff retention
  • Enhanced happiness and satisfaction with quality
    of each student’s educational experience

For Professors

We offer People Science Engine in Action.
A Real Time mobile mapping solution to help:

  • Identify each student's Personal-Power Score™
  • Instantly identify and develop High Impact collaborations
  • Maximize benefits and outcomes of study groups, cohorts and project teams
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PS Engine:
Individual Engagement

You specify the students, objectives and key metrics,
we data mine across each student’s broad realm of
experiences to identify necessary data inputs

  • Charity involvement
  • Hobbies & Passions
  • Social networks
  • Sports & Clubs
  • Class Selection
  • Career Interests
  • Professors
  • Friendship networks
  • Background
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PS Engine:
Patented Software

Each student’s data is quantified
using the latest developments in machine learning,
network theory and Artificial Intelligence

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Successful Outputs:
Student Network Mapping

Instantaneous maps of connections and networks are created,
highlighting student’s Personal-Power Score™ and encouraging new,
data-proven introductions right from the start

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on any device
02 Instant
03 Team
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Successful Outputs:
Improving Everyday Learning

Our patent-pending AI streamlines and enhances everyday educational environments
by breaking down preference and bias, increasing student engagement, improving
Professor satisfaction and ultimately creating stronger long-term networks